Weekly Bulletin Dec. 9, 2021

Dec. 9, 2021     Serve To Change 
If unable to attend in-person, please join us via Zoom (link sent separately). Please pardon us for technical complications as we are still working out the hybrid system camera/computer kinks.


Your 2021-2022 Leadership Team:

President Joyce Henderson ;President Elect Polly Sierer; Vice President Anthony Santoro; Secretary Michael Luck; Treasurer Shawn Klapinsky; Sgt. At Arms Stewart Lee; Directors Paul Keely (Membership), Nancy Chase (Service Projects), Mike Reckner (Fundraising), Marie Holliday (Foundation), Robin Broomall  (Administration); Immediate Past President Dennis Greenhouse.

STILL NEEDED!  Monthly program chairs are needed for  May, June, and July. Contact Anthony at anthony@diamondstatephotography.com. He will have the monthly schedule and outline of duties.

Toys Delivered
Thirty-two packages were delivered to the Bloom Energy site for Toys For Tots. Many thanks for the members who brought them to the Holiday Reception. The two Bloom Energy employees who accepted them expressed their most sincere thanks for our donation.

Shopping for Needy Children

Stay tuned for more information about shopping for needy children at McVey Elementary School. Typically we get a list of clothing needs for specific kids by this time of year, but with a change in school personnel this year, that was delayed. We will be getting more info in the next few days.

Additionally, we are switching from supporting the needy Downes School families with gift cards to McVey families that correspond to the clothing purchases. $50 gift cards to Walmart will be purchased and presented with their children’s clothing needs, one per family.

Ring the Bell!

Marie Holiday has the signup sheet for helping to Ring the bell for the annual kettle drive for Salvation Army. A few spots are still open. An update will be sent out after the Thursday meeting for anyone who wants to assist.

\Holiday Party brings out Competitive Spirit

Who knew the holidays could be so competitive. There were lots of grab and hide incidents during the Gift Exchange last week. But all was in the spirit of fun and fellowship. Thank you to Bill and the Courtyard staff for your hospitality.

Next Board Meeting Jan. 13 – 8:15, following regular meeting. Minutes and Financials to be sent out to Board members on previous Wednesday. Everyone is welcome to attend the Board meetings. You will get makeup credit for attendance. If you want to know what’s going on, be there.
Reminder: Invoice payments due upon receipt!
Upcoming Programs

(December coordinator – Polly Sierer)

Dec. 9 – Dare Laprade, Georgetown Millsboro Rotary Club

Dec. 16 – Tyrone Jones, Bloom Energy

Dec. 23 – NO MEETING



Nov. 18 –  50/50 WINNER – Margie Masino


              Greeter                   Rotary Minute              Prayer               

Dec. 9 Leann Moore            Mike Laur                     Bob Foard

Dec. 9 Sgt. At Arms Helpers   Anthony Santoro and Polly Sierer


Dec. 16 Antony Santoro       Stewart Lee                Dennis Greenhouse

Dec. 16 Sgt At Arms  Helpers  Mark Sisk and Greg Stephens


Jan. 6  Tyrone Jones            Michael Luck              Marie Holliday

Jan. 6 Sgt At Arms Helpers     Bill Sullivan and Clinton Tymes


(If you cannot be here, it is your responsibility to find a replacement!)


Thought for the Week:

I don’t think your therapist is supposed to say “Wow” that many times in your first session.

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