Buddy List

The Buddy List was created to make sure that members stay connected to each other, and to the club.
Each Rotarian is assigned a Buddy, and the buddy assignments are updated about every 6 months.  When feasible, new members are assigned to seasoned Rotarians.  Buddies should make a concerted effort to reach out to their assigned Buddy weekly.  A special effort to contact your Buddy is important if your Buddy missed a meeting or activity.  If you are going to miss a meeting, or have some challenges affecting your ability to be engaged with the club, let your Buddy know.
Periodically ask yourself;
  • Do I know what my Buddy is up to?
  • Do I know more about my Buddy this week than I did last week?
  • If the Sergeant-at-Arms asked where your buddy is (in the event your Buddy is absent from a meeting or project), would you know the answer?
Buddy List (as of 3/25/24)
Barry BakerEric Cannon
Dave BonkJohn Hornor
Tim BouldenJamie Zingaro
Robin BroomallCharlie Brown
Charlie BrownRobin Broomall
Eric CannonBarry Baker
Robert CroninStewart Lee
Fred DawsonEd Gossett
BJ DiDonatoMike Reckner
Laura DelPercioDennis Greehouse
Cheryl ErnstBill Sullivan
Steve FangmanMike Laur
Robert FoardShawn Kaplinsky
Ed GossettFred Dawson
Dennis GreenhouseLaura DelPercio
Evelyn HayesDoris Chan Leach
Marie HollidayAmanda McGinty
Jerry HoltErastus Mongare
John HornorDave Bonk
Ty JonesPaul keely
Paul KeelyTy Jones
Shawn KlapinskyBob Foard
Mike LaurSteve Fangman
Doris Chan LeachEvelyn Hayes
Stewart LeeBob Cronin
Amanda McGintyMarie Holliday
Josh MartinTom Minto
Lynn MeyDon Newcomb
Tom MintoJosh Martin
Erastus Mong’areJerry Holt
Don NewcombLynn Mey
Doug RaineyMark Sisk
Mike RecknerBJ DiDonato
Mark SiskDoug Rainey
Bill SullivanCheryl Ernst
Sujan TimilsinaClinton Tymes
Clinton TymesSujan Timilsina
Cindi VivianoLaurie Williams
Laurie WilliamsCindi Viviano
Jamie ZingaroTim Boulden