Speaker Guidelines

Guidelines for speaking to Newark Morning Rotary

Thank you for agreeing to speak to the Newark Morning Rotary!  We are an engaged group of community leaders, and we love learning new things during our weekly meetings.  People like you deliver important messages that we can learn from, and help to spread.

  • Make sure that the Rotarian that invited you has a brief (1 or 2 sentences) overview of your topic.  We’d ideally like that at least 30 days prior to your scheduled meeting date.
  • While our meetings start promptly at 7:00am EST, our speakers don’t start their talk until approx 7:30am (if meeting via Zoom) or approx 7:45am (if meeting in-person).  You are welcome to arrive at 7:00am and join us for breakfast as our guest.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your estimated start time.
  • You have approx 20 minutes to speak, and will have an additional 5 – 10 minutes for Q&A
  • Our meetings end at 8:15am, so please finish no later than 8:10am
  • NO political or religious messages
  • NO advertising or promoting of specific businesses or organizations
  • NO soliciting of any kind
  • printed material can be given to members if you wish (we have approx 45 members)
  • If you need to reach us in advance of your meeting, you can talk to the Rotarian that invited you, or you can email us at info@nmrde.org