Flags for Heroes

Flags for Heroes

Honor the people who have inspired you this Veterans Day.

Heroes come in many forms. Whether military personnel, frontline and healthcare workers, or social justice activists committed to equality – we raise a flag in their honor and recognize their service and sacrifice.

About Flags for Heroes

Since 2015, this Newark Morning Rotary Flags for Heroes (FFH) project has recognized the leaders and neighbors who go above and beyond to inspire and serve others with a public display of American flags. In doing so, we acknowledge the people who make a difference in our community and those who are called to put their lives on the line for others.

Together, we can encourage our friends and neighbors to recognize heroes in our community. Join us in applauding the service of our local champions and be a part of this incredible tradition in our community. You can help by sponsoring your personal hero with a $50 donation.

Sponsor a Flag

By sponsoring a flag, you are not only recognizing the men and women you admire, but supporting the Newark Morning Rotary Club in its mission of service above self by making local community service projects throughout the year possible.

100% of the proceeds from your sponsorship benefit a variety of community organizations, scholarships, and projects such as:

  • Stockings for Soldiers
  • Newark Area Welfare Committee
  • Relay for Life (American Cancer Society)
  • Shoes That Fit
  • and several other worthy charities

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In order to have your hero recognized this Veterans Day,
we invite you to make a donation by Friday, October 29th.

Expanded Flag Presentation at the Newark Reservoir!
Ceremony is Sunday, November 13th, 2022 at 11 a.m.

Deadline to order a flag: Friday 10/28/2022

Nationwide, Rotary clubs organize similar Flags for Heroes projects to recognize local heroes of all forms. The Newark Morning Rotary Club is proud to be part of this tradition and to see approximately 500 American flags proudly fly at the Newark Reservoir, one of the state’s most traveled trail destinations.

The Flags for Heroes project results in a moving and memorable display and also includes a banner listing the names of all heroes being recognized. We encourage you to visit the display, take photos, and take a moment to give thanks to the heroes in your life.

You can also view an online gallery of heroes on our website.

Who Can Be Your Hero?

Your heroes are anyone who has made a difference in your life that you’d like to honor in this special way, including:

Active military


Police officers










Heroes From Past Years

Robert Tillman Dantzler WWI Veteran Robert Dantzler
Victor Moon Steven Moon
Joseph Gilbert Sisk Mark Sisk
Frank A. Konwinski Mary Konwinski
Joshua Frank Smedley Mary Konwinski
C. Bernard McCartan Mary Konwinski
Mary W. McCartan Mary Konwinski
Kelly Smedley Mary Konwinski
Laura Gibson Mary Konwinski
Bertrum Wiggins Robin Broomall
Robert James Vandegrift Robin Broomall
Jean Newcomb Don Newcomb
Roy H. Brown Donna Friswell
Joseph Scanlon Bill McNabola
Thomas Frank Holt Jerry Holt
Nancy Reese Holt Jerry Holt
Mike Lochary Mike Laur
Paul Babikian Linda, Karen & Pauline Babikian
K of C Council K of C Council
David R. Dawson Fred Dawson
Daniel B. Maynard, Sr. Fred Dawson
Maj Gen Oscar Eugene Trivits Fred Dawson
Issac Francis & Verdie Marsisbanks Holt Jerry Holt
William Paul Holt, Jr. Jerry Holt
Colonel Paul E. Wise Courtyard Marriott Newark
Jay S. Danneman Springhill Suites by Marriott
Newark Police Department Mayor Polly Sierer
All Newark-area Veterans Mayor Polly Sierer
All the Unknown Heroes Doug Gordon
All the Unknown Heroes Doug Gordon
All the Unknown Heroes Doug Gordon
All the Unknown Heroes Doug Gordon
All the Unknown Heroes Doug Gordon
All the Unknown Heroes Doug Gordon
All the Unknown Heroes Doug Gordon
All the Unknown Heroes Doug Gordon
All the Unknown Heroes Doug Gordon
All the Unknown Heroes Doug Gordon
James Edwin Mauldin James & Aurelia Mauldin
Wilbert Truxon Tia Renae Truxon Bolden
Joseph Neeves WWII Veteran Rick & Anne Wenger
Naajee Tymes Clinton Tymes
Alfred Holliday Marie Holliday
Al Holliday Marie Holliday
Ray G. Dikeman Marie Holliday
All heroes, past & present Michael Smith
All heroes, past & present Michael Smith
All heroes, past & present Michael Smith
All heroes, past & present Michael Smith
All heroes, past & present Michael Smith
All heroes, past & present Michael Smith
All heroes, past & present Michael Smith
All heroes, past & present Michael Smith
All heroes, past & present Michael Smith
All heroes, past & present Michael Smith
Janice Broomall Robin Broomall
Mary Lou Standarowski Robin Broomall
Robert W. Peiffer Mike & Karen Luck
Monica K. Peiffer Mike & Karen Luck
Col. Paul Wise Francis Kwansa
Dr. Michael Olsen Francis Kwansa
Charles Eugene Owens, Sr. Joan Pierson
Gregg Paul Lynam Gregg M. Lynam
John A. Wilson Gregg M. Lynam
Police; Newark & State of DE Joseph Myer
Military; Navy, Air Force, Army & National Guard Joseph Myer
Hospital Workers Joseph Myer
Gabe McCloskey Boulden Brothers
Maurice Harrison Boulden Brothers
Adam McMullen Boulden Brothers
Robert Marsh Boulden Brothers
Charlie Dike Boulden Brothers
Lawrence Massengill Boulden Brothers
Corey McMullen Boulden Brothers
Jay Hornor John Hornor
Andrew Miller John Hornor
Bob Bracken John Hornor
Kenneth Sayther Paul & Linda Sayther
Earl Sayther Paul & Linda Sayther
John M. Tomson Paul & Linda Sayther
John M. Tomson, Jr. Paul & Linda Sayther
The Tyree family Evelyn Hayes
The Woody family Evelyn Hayes
The Houser family Evelyn Hayes
2076th USAR Army “BUDDIES” Evelyn Hayes
Joanne K. L. Viviano Cindi Viviano
Bernie Greenhouse Dennis Greenhouse
Robert Donovan Dennis Greenhouse
Vincent P. Keely Paul & Eileen Keely
Richard Heeter, Sr. Paul & Eileen Keely
Brian Mehan Ron Mehan
Frank N. Broujos Sr. USMC Michael & Heather Broujos
Reese Barnum Navy Laura DelPercio
Raymond J. Schaal Navy Laura DelPercio
Jerry DelPercio Army Laura DelPercio
Roy C. Brondum US Navy Josh Martin
Nancy Miner and Family Evelyn Hayes
Ronald Fratantoni Tom Minto
Jeffrey S. Swanson USMC Eric Cannon
Wilbur Newcomb Don Newcomb
David Wallace Don Newcomb
Pat Doyle Don Newcomb
Allan Loomis Don Newcomb
Trevor Reed Lyn & Frank Henshaw
Patrick Joseph Feeney, Jr. Patricia Rutherford
Doran Sauers Trish & Nate Pettijohn
Bud Lewis 1/1/1924 – 5/14/2007 Bob Cronin
Ronald Regan Accurate Auto Service
Jack Butler Premier Auto & Tire
Charlie Hollenbaugh, Jr. Premier Auto & Tire
Melvin J. Dennis Joyce Henderson
Jeffrey Santoro Coast Guard Anthony Santoro
Patrick Smith Marine Corps Anthony Santoro
Dave Steel Navy Anthony Santoro
David B. Moore Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran Barbara Choplinsky
Dr. Roy & Janie Baker Barry Baker
Jordan Cook Army Veteran Boulden Brothers
Peter Bosserman Navy Veteran Boulden Brothers
Maurice Harrison Air Force Veteran Boulden Brothers
John LaFazia Marine Corps Veteran Boulden Brothers
Todd Sapp Marine Corps Veteran Boulden Brothers
Gabe McCloskey Air Force Veteran Boulden Brothers
Brent Deatrick Air Force Active Duty Boulden Brothers
Donald Fleming Navy Veteran Boulden Brothers
Adam McMullen Army Veteran; Army National Guard Active Duty Boulden Brothers
Corey McMullen Marine Corps Veteran Boulden Brothers
Naajee Tymes Clinton Tymes
William Guenther Army WWII Veteran Doug Rainey
Veterans and College Athletes Together Fitness & wellness program for OEF and OIF Veterans Evelyn Hayes
James Lawhorn Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran Jason Lawhorn
Art Lear WWII Veteran; Purple Heart Recipient Jennifer Pilcher
Verdie Marshbanks Holt Mother Jerry Holt
Verdie Marshbanks Holt Father Jerry Holt
James B. Streit Sr. Marine Corps WWII Veteran Jim & Linda Streit
F. Charles Raab, III Navy WWII Veteran Jim & Linda Streit
Jay Horner Air Force WWII 7 Korean War Veteran John Horner
Astor Ritter WWII Veteran Josie DeLuca
Teachers at Downes Elementary Kelly Bachman
Teachers at Shue-Medill Middle School Kelly Bachman
Dr. Roshni Guerry Triple-board-certified physician at ChristinaCare Kelly Bachman
Ralph L. Hairsine Marine Corps WWII Veteran Linda Hairsine Russell
Anne Chapman Sisk Air Force Mark Sisk
Joseph Gilbert Sisk Army WWI Veteran Mark Sisk
James Walker Sisk Casework with Preble Street Veterans Housing Services Mary Brighthaupt & Jonathan Sisk
John (Jack) Sullivan Army Veteran Mary Lofink
Thomas Russel Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran Megan & Ryan Zarzycki
Edward C. Luck UN Secretary-General’s Special Advisor Michael Luck
Denis J. Reckner Air Force Veteran Michael Reckner
Ty Callahan Marine Corps Veteran Tricia Callahan
Vincent Keely Army WWII Veteran Paul & Eileen Keely
Richard M. Heeter Sr. Air Force Veteran Paul Keely
City of Newark Veteran employees & retirees Polly Sierer
Newark Police Department Police officers Polly Sierer
Aetna Hose Hook & Ladder Company Firefighters & EMTs Polly Sierer
John Wiggins WWII Veteran Robin Broomall
Russell Wiggins Office of Strategic Services WWII Veteran Robin Broomall
Bert Wiggins WWII Veteran Robin Broomall
William Leslie Broomall Air Force & Pentagon employee Robin Broomall
Verlye Wiggins Civil Conservation Corps Robin Broomall
Ross Wiggins Grandfather Robin Broomall
Joe Bucksner Wilmington Detective Supervisor Bucksner Family
William H. Robinson Navy Korean War Veteran Tim and Ruthie Toole
Lawrence Massengill Army Active Duty Timothy Boulden
Col. Paul E. Wise Jr. Army William A. Sullivan
Leo A. Sullivan Navy WWII Veteran William A. Sullivan
Honorable Wayne R. Hanby Marine Corps & judge Hanby children & grandfather