Weekly Bulletin Sept. 16, 2021

Sept 16, 2021     Serve To Change Lives

If unable to attend in-person, please join us via Zoom (link sent separately). Please pardon us for technical complications as we are still working out the hybrid system camera/computer kinks.


Your 2021-2022 Leadership Team:

President Joyce Henderson ;President Elect Polly Sierer; Vice President Anthony Santoro; Secretary Michael Luck; Treasurer Shawn Klapinsky; Sgt. At Arms Stewart Lee; Directors Paul Keely (Membership), Nancy Chase (Service Projects), Mike Reckner (Fundraising), Marie Holliday (Foundation), Robin Broomall  (Administration); Immediate Past President Dennis Greenhouse.

STILL NEEDED!  Monthly program chairs are needed for December (only 2 meetings!), January (only 2 meetings!), February, April, May, June, and July. Contact Anthony at anthony@diamondstatephotography.com. He will have the monthly schedule and outline of duties.


Working at the Food Bank

A volunteer night at the Food Bank of Delaware will be Tuesday, Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. Go to fbd.org to log in and scroll down to find 6 p.m. on Oct. 5. You must register online in order to volunteer. If you need help, contact Jerry Holt. Many spots still available!!!!!

Meal Packing Event

Put Saturday, Oct. 16 on your calendar to volunteer at the HUGE meal packing event. In support of our District Governor Hugh Dawkins’ Day of Service, hundreds of our fellow District 7630 Rotarians will work in 3 different locations to pack meals for those less fortunate. Unlike other meal packing events we have participated in where the meals are shipped to third-world countries, these meals will be distributed in our own region. We will work with Rotarians from our own area at the VFW Post 160 in North East, Md. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR 10 A.M.-NOON OR NOON – 2 P.M.. Sign up sheet is being passed around. Or let Robin know and she will add your name. Spouses, reliable children, friends, and neighbors are welcomed to help.

Dictionary time:

Mike Laur has ordered dictionaries for third graders at 8 local schools. When he receives the shipment, the following members will let Mike know the number needed, pickup from his office and get labels to put in each book.  Apparently the schools prefer we just drop off the cases of dictionaries and not enter the classrooms. West Park (Bob Cronin);  Downes (Margie Masino);  McVey (Mark sisk); Maclary (Eric Cannon); Brader (Paul Keely); Smith/Sterck (Fred Dawson); Newark Charter (Clinton Tymes)

Silent Auction Items Needed BEFORE SEPT. 27:

The World’s Greatest Silent Auction is ready for posting of auction items. Like last year, Mike Luck will list your donations to the on-line auction site for bidding to begin. Then we will have the items available for viewing at the World’s Greatest Meal at our meeting on Oct. 28. Donations can include gift baskets, gift cards, handmade items or services, business gifts, jewelry, artwork, etc. You can donate and also bid on items. All proceeds will go to PolioPlus program of The Rotary Foundation.

TIPS for Proper Introductions:

When introducing a speaker please be prepared to follow the following TIPS for a professional presentation:
T –Topic of today’s program. One simple sentence will do.
I – Importance. Why should everyone listen to the speaker?
P – Personal details. What are the credentials of the speaker related to today’s presentation?
S – Speaker’s name. This is the ONLY time you will say their name. Be sure you know how to pronounce correctly. Then welcome the speaker to the podium with an extended hand for handshake.


Upcoming Programs

(September coordinator – Joyce Henderson)

Sept. 9 – LaTysse McKinzie-Mack and Tony Lewis, CASA

Sept. 16 –Brian DiSabatino, Veterans and Suicide

Sept. 23 – District Governor Hugh Dawkins, Official Visit

Sept. 30 – Picnic at 6 p.m. in Courtyard patio


 Sept. 16, 8:15 a.m. – Administrative Committee Meeting to review Strategic Plan

Sept. 30, 8:15 a.m. via Zoom.  Board of Director’s Meeting

Sept. 30 – Annual Picnic, 6 p.m. at Courtyard Patio  (Please sign up  on Jamie Zingaro’s SignUp Genius link)

Oct. 5 – Volunteering at Food Bank, 6 p.m. (Register at fdb.org)

Oct. 16 – Meal Packing Event for Day of Service

Nov. 5 – District Foundation Dinner, more info to come

Nov. 7 – Flags For Heroes Ceremony


              Greeter                   Rotary Minute              Prayer               

Sept. 16 Margie Masino        Steve Fangman            Tim Boulden

Sept. 16 Sgt. At Arms Helpers: Fred Dawson and Laura DelPercio

Sept. 23  Tom Minto             Bob Foard                   Robin Broomall

Sept. 23 Sgt At Arms Helpers: Dennis Greenhouse and Marie Holiday

Oct. 7  Erastus Mong’are    Dennis Greenhouse       Charlie Brown

Oct. 7 Sgt At Arms Helpers: Jerry Holt and John Hornor

Oct. 14  Don Newcomb        Marie Holliday              Eric Canon

Oct. 14 Sgt At Arms Helpers: Paul Keely and Shawn Klapinsky


(If you cannot be here, it is your responsibility to find a replacement!)


Thought for the Week:

Why is it when someone tells you there are a billion stars in the sky, you believe them; But when they tell you there is wet paint on the wall, you must touch it to be sure?

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