Weekly Bulletin June 23, 2022

June 23, 2022    Serve To Change 
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Meetings are held Hybrid, with in-person at the Courtyard and option to participate via Zoom. Watch for the Zoom link to be sent separately.

Your 2021-2022 Leadership Team:

President Joyce Henderson ;President Elect Polly Sierer; Vice President Anthony Santoro; Secretary Michael Luck; Treasurer Shawn Klapinsky; Sgt. At Arms Stewart Lee; Directors Paul Keely (Membership), Nancy Chase (Service Projects), Mike Reckner (Fundraising), Marie Holliday (Foundation), Robin Broomall  (Administration); Immediate Past President Dennis Greenhouse.

Volunteer with Lori’s Hands
This summer Lori’s Hands is having a series of projects at Marydale Retirement Village. On July 9, and August 13 from 9-11 am we will be assisting Marydale residents with gardening. Please consider joining us for one, two, or all of these sessions. You can register by contacting Leann Moore at leann@thenewarkpartnership.org.

Annual Dinner Time to Celebrate

Let’s celebrate the success of the past year by attending our Annual  dinner on June 23. The Ray Civatte Community Service award and Public Service award recipients will be here. Rotarian of the Year will be acknowledged. Members with Perfect Attendance will also be recognized.  The price of the dinner is $24. Please note that if you signup and do not attend, you will be charged for the dinner.

Mandella Fellows Dinner

The 25 members of the 2022 UD Mandella Fellows leadership group will be attending a special Fellows/Rotary dinner on June 30. This is an opportunity for us to engage with up and coming leaders from many countries in Africa, learn about the organizations they lead and potential opportunities for us to partner with them. Robin will send around a signup sheet as well as canvas those not at the meeting so we have an accurate count. Cost of the dinner is $24..

Cleansing of the Soul
Last week’s meeting gave everyone an opportunity to air their grievances, concerns, thoughts and feelings about the current state of our club. The Rotarian Code of Conduct will be included in our Bylaws and Membership packet. With the air now clear, hopefully we can move forward to fulfill the goals and objectives of Rotary in a civil and respective manner.
Nominations Committee to proceed
As approved by the Board, the Nominating Committee will solicit nominations for the president’s position for 2022-2023 and present to the Membership for approval before the end of July. This will allow the committee to accept nominations and put forth a candidate who will be willing to undergo training and additional requirements as set by the district governor. We will hold installation of all officers by the end of July or at a time convenient for all.
Meal Price increase
Approved by the Board on June 16, the meals will increase by $1.25 beginning July 7. We have not had a price increase from the Courtyard since 2012. Thank you, Bill and Courtyard staff, for your service.
Investigative Committee
In light of the increase in meal prices, some members have expressed a desire for menu rotation and comparative prices at other establishments.  Established at the Board meeting on June 16, a 4-5 member committee chaired by Anthony Santoro is tasked with:
1. Designing a menu based on 2, 3, or 4 week rotation
2. Present to the Courtyard for a 3-5 year lock-in price (25 meal min.)
3. At same time research other locations that can handle a Thursday Rotary meeting of 25-50 people; present menus to them and ask for an average price for food, beverage, wait staff, room fee, AV and Internet locked in for 3-5 years (25 meal min.)
4. Present results of all locations to Board for discussion
5. Board will present results to general membership
…………. and did we forget to inquire about PARKING?
Have you called your BUDDY this week?
Upcoming Events:
June 23 – Annual Installation and Awards Dinner
June 30 – Dinner with Mandela Fellows
July 9, Aug. 13 – Lori’s Hands gardening at Marydale Retirement Center
Sept. 10 – District Membership Seminar
Sept. 17 – World Cleanup Day/Highway cleanup
Sept. 18 – Community Day on The Green
Reminder: Invoice payments due upon receipt!
Upcoming Programs

June 23 – NO MORNING MEETING  Annual Installation Dinner

June 30 – NO MORNING MEETING – Dinner with Mandela Fellows

July 7 – Jorge Camacho, Newark Charter School resource officer  (Margie Masino)

July 14 – Paula Wolkind, President Delaware Rock and Roll Society (Mark Sisk)

July 21 – Jerry Clifton, former Newark Mayor (Mark Sisk)

July 28 – Club Assembly, Installation of 2022-23 Officers and Board Meeting


June 16  –  50/50 WINNER – Jennifer Pilcher


              Greeter                   Rotary Minute              Prayer               

June 23  Clinton Tymes       Jamie Zingaro          Greg Stephens

Sgt At Arms Helpers       Tim Boulden and Robin Broomall


July 7        Jamie Zingaro       Kelly Bachman         Clinton Tymes

Sgt At Arms Helpers       Charlie Brown and Eric Cannon


July 14      Kelly Bachman       Barry Baker           Cindi Viviano

Sgt At Arms Helpers        Nancy Chase and Bob Cronin


July 21      Barry Baker           Tim Boulden          Jamie Zingaro

Sgt At Arms Helpers       Fred Dawson and Laura DelPercio


(If you cannot be here, it is your responsibility to find a replacement!)


Thought for the Week:

My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION:

“Stop acting like your father.”

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