Weekly Bulletin July 30, 2020

July 30, 2020  Rotary Opens Opportunities!

All club meetings will be conducted via Zoom until further notice. Please contact Robin at rbroomall@usa.net if you did not receive the Zoom link for this week’s meeting. Please do not share our Zoom meeting link with anyone unless you want them specifically invited to the meeting.

Board meeting immediately following the regular Zoom meeting.

Survey says...

Thank you for the overwhelming and quick response to the survey issued by Membership Chair Paul Keely and President Dennis Greenhouse on when to resume a somewhat normal return to in-person meetings. Of the 38 responses, 9 said return now; 4 said alternate between Zoom and in-person meetings; 14 said wait until Delaware is in phase 3; 0 want to remain on Zoom; and 11 suggested a combination of in-person and virtual meeting at the same time.

After carefully considering all options and survey results, and a discussion with Bill Sullivan at the Courtyard, it was decided that we will wait until Delaware is well into phase 3 and review again after that. 

So we will keep on Zooming until further notice.

Happy/Crappy Dollars? We are still accepting them weekly, but you need to keep track of them and pay up when we meet again in person. Remember the Four Way Test???

This Week’s Program

July 30 – Club Assembly, Classification talks by Nancy Chase and Christina Macmillan

Upcoming Programs

August coordinator – Laura DelPercio

Aug. 6 – Randy Lickey, Polio immunization trips (coming to us from North Carolina)

Aug. 13 – Abby Gail Baxter-Anderson, Salvation of Sorrows, Inc.

Aug. 20  -TBA

Aug. 27 – Club Assembly

Committee Established to Coordinate Community Mentoring

The mission of FACT (Fair to All Concerned Taskforce) is to engage members of Newark Morning Rotary Club on the topic of inequality and to provide educational programming so that we can make meaningful impact in the Greater Newark community.

The committee is working on two areas: provide an 8-week training and education program for a startup business, based on the business development course Clinton currently teaches; and a business advisory program for a minority owned business that is looking to grow revenue and expand employees. If you are interested in joining the committee or providing your vocational services, please contact Clinton.

As part of the educating members, representatives from non-partisan League of Women Voters will be our guest speakers on Sept. 24, just ahead of Election Day.

PolioPlus and the Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been working right beside the Rotary Foundation for several years in helping to fund the eradication of polio worldwide. An end-of-year surge in contributions to PolioPlus propelled Rotary to again meets its worldwide goal of $50M to this Fund. Since the Gates Foundation had pledged to match these contributions 2-for-1 up to a maximum of $50M, this means that none of the Gates match will be left on the table. Congratulations to Rotarians everywhere..

Welcome to Anthony Santoro from Christiana Club!


                    Greeter                   Rotary Minute              Prayer

July 30      Bob Foard                   Mike Reckner           Christina Macmillan

Aug. 6       Donna Friswell            Paul Sayther                Bill McNabola

Aug. 13    Evelyn Hayes              Polly Sierer                   Josh Martin

Aug. 20    Joyce Henderson        Mark Sisk                     Tom Minto

(If you cannot be here, it is your responsibility to find a replacement!)

                   Sergeant At Arms Helpers – Stay tuned

Thought for the Week:

Did you hear physicians everywhere have diagnosed a new disease caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. Termed “Zoomitis” by those who contract it, symptoms include eyestrain, weariness, impatience with others who exhibit poor communications discipline, and general sloppiness of appearance regardless of time of day. Failure to understand when their devices should be muted or unmuted has also been observed. Although there are  no recorded instances of lethality to date, recovery time and and long term effects are yet to be determined. Wine and stronger spirits have been shown to be useful in alleviating the symptoms, or at least in reducing the concerns of those infected.

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