Weekly bulletin January 9, 2020

January 9, 2020  Rotary Connects the World!

Programs for January (Mike Laur coordinator)

Jan. 2 – No Meeting (day to sober up and change your calendar to 2020 !)

Jan. 9 – Kickoff to 2020 Report to the Community

Jan. 16 – Jill Pante, Executive Mentoring Program with Lerner School of Business

Jan. 23 – TBA

Jan. 30 – Club Assembly  / Board Meeting at 8:15

Programs for February (Mike Luck coordinator)

Feb. 6 – TBA

Feb. 13 – TBA   and Rotary Has Heart!

Feb. 20 – TBA

Feb. 27 – Club Assembly  / Board Meeting 8:15

If you are a member of the Board, please plan on attending. All members are invited to attend Board meetings. We generally adjourn by 9 a.m. You will receive attendance credit for a missed meeting.

UPCOMING EVENTS (need your participation)

Feb. 13 – Rotary Has Heart. A food collection will take place to support Food Bank of Delaware. Prizes will be given to the member who brings the greatest number of items and member who brings the greatest combined weight of items. Canned goods and other non-perishable foods are always needed. Watch for those can-can sales and stock up now.! Tom Minto will make announcements.

Volunteering at C.U.R.E. – Doug Rainey will be coordinating a volunteer day at Project CURE in We Grove where we can help sort medical equipment and supplies that will go to countries in need. Stay tuned.


50/50 Winner for Dec. 19 – Paul Sayther!


Welcome Christina MacMillan, our newest member!

Future Leadership Confirmed!

During the Dec. 19 meeting, the following members were nominated and approved by the club membership as officers from July 1, 2020 through June 31, 2021.

President – Dennis Greenhouse (in 2020-2021)

President Elect – Joyce Henderson (to become president 2021-2022)

Vice President – Polly Sierer (to become president 2022-2023)

Secretary – Doug Gordon

Treasurer – TBA

Sgt. at Arms – Stewart Lee

One thing that sets our club on a good path is having a three-year succession plan of leadership.Thank you to the nominating committee of Shawn Klapinsky, Charlie Brown, and Robin Broomall.

Clothing for McVey Students

Many thanks to those who shopped for the 14 children from McVey School who were in need of new clothes. Nurse Marguerite Diehl made sure all clothes were distributed to the children we shopped for. She has often said the new clothes for these children do more than just keep them warm. Having new items make them feel more confident and boost their self esteem. Late member Betsy Manglass established the relationship with  Nurse Diehl in 2003 and we have  supported the school every year since then. Thank you, Bill McNabola, for continuing our relationship.


Looking for next year’s grant project

Do you have a worthy project in mind that we can use for our grant project for 2020-2021? It should benefit the community through education, health, environment, or community development (very loosely defined!). Projects must begin and be completed in the 2020-2021 Rotary year. We usually target projects about $10,000. If you have an idea, talk to Robin about it and see if it fits the criteria. Remember – not all Rotary projects are global. Rotary works at home, too.

Can you read?

The Newark Children’s Day Nursery, located only a mile from the Courtyard on Barksdale Road, is in need of readers to the children. Easy — go to Read Aloud Delaware, signup as a reader, designate Newark Day Nursery as your preferred location. Then you can make arrangements that suit your schedule.


Outstanding invoice?

Do not let your quarterly invoice go unpaid. Either get a check to treasurer Shawn or go to www.NMRDE.org and pay via credit card.

If you want to have your contribution made directly to The Rotary Foundation by credit card (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually) and not have it included on your quarterly club invoice, go to www.rotarydirect.org to sign up. Easy…..


              Greeters                       Rotary Minute              Prayer

Jan. 9     Kelly Bachman             Michael Smith                 Mark Sisk

Jan. 16   Barry Baker                 Greg Stephens                Michael Smith

Jan. 23   Tim Boulden                 Bill Sullivan                     Greg Stephens

Jan. 30   Robin Broomall             Clinton Tymes                Bill Sullivan

(If you cannot be here, it is your responsibility to find a replacement!)

                   Sergeant At Arms Helpers

Jan. 9               John Horner and Jason Lawhorn

Jan. 16             Paul Keely and Shawn Klapinsky

Jan. 23             Mike Laur and Stewart Lee

Jan. 30             Mike Luck and Bill McNabola

(If you cannot be here, it is your responsibility to find a replacement!)


Thought for the Week:

I intend to live forever. So far, so good!

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