Weekly Bulletin Jan. 25, 2024

Jan. 25, 2024      Create Hope in the World!
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Nominations Now being Accepted
The first reason our club has been so successful is that we were built on a foundation of leaders who knew the history of Rotary and its traditions and the importance of supporting The Rotary Foundation. The second reason, and now after 24+ years of existance perhaps the most important, is our establishing a  succession plan to ensure the continuation of good leadership practices. This year’s nomination committee consisting of Past President Robin, Past President Clinton, and President Stewart is now accepting nominations for the 2024-25 officers. The most important office to be filled is Vice President. That member would automatically be nominated to President Elect in 2025-26 and then President in 2026-27. If you would like to nominate yourself or another worthy club member, please submit your/their name to Robin. Elections will take place in January.

IMPACT seeking toiletries

For the first big service project, the IMPACT cllub is seeking donations of basic necessities: shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, disposable razors, sports bras, and underwear to be donated to sober living homes in the community. Call IMPACT member Brooke at 302-373-230 with your questions. You can bring them to our next meeting and we will get them to Brooke. Timeline is January 15 to February 4.

25th Anniversary in February

Twenty-five years ago the naysayers said, “There is no room for another service club in Newark.” We proved them wrong! We will celebrate our anniversary next month with a special dinner. Details are being worked out for date and time. Stay tuned!

Rotary Has Heart

Stock up now on non-perishables for the collection in February for the Food Bank. Our team of Dave Bonk, Laurie Willliams, Sujan Timilsina, and BJ DiDonato will be collecting between Feb. 1 and 20. Needed are: canned fruits (low or no sugar added), low sugar hot and cold cereals, meats canned in water, rice, beans, pasta, mac and cheese, peanut butter, jelly, soups, stews, prepared meats.

Randon (or Deliberate) Acts of Kindness

Our Sgt. At Arms Laurie asks each of us to do an act of kindness or thoughtfullness for someone everyday. What will you do today?

Who’s your BUDDY?

In-person attendance at our weekly meetings has been down. Where are you? Where is your buddy? Give him/her a call and committ to being at the next meeting. Don’t let your buddy go mad! See the Thought for the week! See you Thursday!

100% High Engagement
Every member has the chance to get 100% attendance recognition this year. Every time you attend a committee meeting, work on a service project, attend a Board meeting, or attend another club’s meeting, please let Secretary BJ know and she will give you credit. Now if family members and guests work on any club endorsed project or event with you, YOU will receive an extra point for High Engagement!
Reminder: Invoice payments due upon receipt!
Upcoming Programs.
Jan. 25 – Kickoff to 2024 Report to Community
Feb. 1 – Rep. Michael Smith
Feb. 8 – Paul Keely, Reviving our Membership Committee
Feb. 15 – TBA
Feb. 22 – Club Assembly
Feb. 29 – UPSIDE Down Meeting ( stay tuned for details)
Jan. 18 – 50/50 Winner Our Guest Speaker! 

           Greeter                   Rotary Minute              Prayer               

Jan. 25    Amanda McGinty      Dennis Greenhouse      Evelyn Hayes

Sgt. At Arms Helpers    BJ DiDonato and Laura DelPercio


Feb. 1      Josh Martin        Evelyn Hayes       Marie Holliday

Sgt. At Arms Helpers     Steve Fangman and Bob Foard


Feb. 8 Lynn Mey        Marie Holliday        Jerry Holt

Sgt. At Arms Helpers    Ed Gossett and Dennis Greenhouse


(If you cannot be here, it is your responsibility to find a replacement!)

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