Weekly Bulletin Feb. 4, 2021

February 4, 2021     Rotary Opens Opportunities!
All club meetings will be conducted via Zoom until further notice. Please contact Robin at rbroomall@usa.net if you did not receive the Zoom link for this week’s meeting. Please do not share our Zoom meeting link with anyone unless you want them specifically invited to the meeting.

New Zoom practice going into play – in order to keep better control of those who want to give Happy Dollars, and keep us from talking over each other, “Raise Hand” will be put into use. Click on “participants” at bottom middle of your screen, click on “more” and your will see “Raise hand”. Click on this when you want to be recognized. Then click on “Lower hand” when done. The host will call on you to speak. Otherwise, please mute yourself while others speak.

Happy/Crappy Dollars? We are still accepting them weekly, but you need to keep track of them and pay up when we meet again in person. Remember the Four Way Test???


This Week’s Program

Feb. 4 – Mike Bowman, UD Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships

Interact Team #3 Capstone Project

Upcoming Programs

(Bill Sullivan – February program coordinator)

Feb. 11 –  Sam Waltz, Lincoln Society of DE, talking about President Abraham Lincoln

Feb. 18 – Bob Lougheed, Career Survivor and artist, his pancreatic cancer and community work

Feb. 25 – District Governor Steve Capelli’s official visit


Strategic Planning Committee Meeting – Thursday, Feb. 4, 8:15 a.m.

Board of Director’s Meeting – Thursday, Feb. 25, 8:15 a.m.

Board Actions from January meeting

The one major issue discussed at last week’s Board meeting – and is always a subject – is the number of ads from the 2020 Report to the Community that have still not been paid a year after the kickoff for the Report.. The Board unanimously passed the following the motion: Payments must be received along with the copy for advertisements in the 2021 Report to the Community. Copy will not be placed in the Report unless payment has been received.

Also, the Board approved Margie Masino for active membership. Congratulations, Margie.

Rotary Has Heart! And the box is ready…

Each February our club supports our community by collecting non-perishable foods for the Food Bank of Delaware. Canned soups, vegetables, meats, rice, and other non-perishables are need to restock the pantry at the Food Bank and local churches. Drop off your donations at the Courtyard. Tom Minto has a large box in the lobby. He will be taking all of the donations to the Food Bank on Thursday, Feb. 14 (Valentines Day!) And can you post this on your social media sites? Nextdoor? in your Neighborhood Newsletter? at work?

Get your FACEMASK!  They are going fast! Pick up at Paul Keely’s house 79 Hidden Valley Drive, Newark 19711 (Christianstead) Please email or call Paul before coming. paul@kingdoesmore.com or 540-6658. Wear in good health!

Congratulations to Margie Masino on becoming a full-fledged member! 

Where is your BUDDY?

Have you made contact with your buddy this week? He/She might by waiting for your call or email. Be forewarned that Sgt. At Arms will be asking why your buddy is not on our next Zoom meeting. Fines are coming!

                    Greeter                   Rotary Minute              Prayer                    Pledge of Allegiance

Feb. 4      Greg Stephens            John Horner                   Steve Fangman       Charlie Brown

Feb. 11     Bill Sullivan                Paul Keely                      Bob Foard                Eric Cannon

Feb. 18     Clinton Tymes           Shawn Klapinsky             Donna Friswell        Nancy Chase

Feb. 25    Margie Masino            Mike Laur                        Evelyn Hayes          Bob Cronin


(If you cannot be here, it is your responsibility to find a replacement!)

                   Sergeant At Arms Helpers – Stay tuned

Thought for the Week

Chocolate is God’s way of telling us He likes us to be a little bit chubby.

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