Weekly Bulletin Dec. 17, 2020

December 17, 2020 Rotary Opens Opportunities!
All club meetings will be conducted via Zoom until further notice. Please contact Robin at rbroomall@usa.net if you did not receive the Zoom link for this week’s meeting. Please do not share our Zoom meeting link with anyone unless you want them specifically invited to the meeting.

New Zoom practice going into play – in order to keep better control of those who want to give Happy Dollars, and keep us from talking over each other, “Raise Hand” will be put into use. Click on “participants” at bottom middle of your screen, click on “more” and your will see “Raise hand”. Click on this when you want to be recognized. Then click on “Lower hand” when done. The host will call on you to speak. Otherwise, please mute yourself while others speak.

Happy/Crappy Dollars? We are still accepting them weekly, but you need to keep track of them and pay up when we meet again in person. Remember the Four Way Test???


This Week’s Program

Dec. 17 – Steve Worden, Newark Radio

Upcoming Programs

(December coordinator Polly Sierer)

Dec. 24  –  an Optional Meeting – if you want to attend! Club Assembly

Dec. 31 –  an Optional Meeting – Year in Review, Personal reflections

(January coordinator Mike Reckner)

Jan. 7 – Danny Braden, author of “Back to Life”

Jan. 14 – Mary Roth, Greenways Delaware (with a new topic!)

Jan. 21 – Nick Moriello, pres. of Highmark BCBSDE, “Landscape of Healthcare in Delaware”

Jan. 28 – Hillary May, “Recognizing Depression in Young Adults” (a followup to Sean’s House presentation by Chris Locke)

Keep the cards and notes coming!

Keep writing those cards and notes of inspiration for our senior community and get to Laura DelPercio. Paul Keely still has note cards specially printed for your use.  Holiday Cards will be distributed before Christmas.

Salvation Army Kettle Drive

It’s a go – or rather a ring-a-ding. Thank you to the members who volunteered to brave the rain, cold, wind, and likely snow to watch over the red kettle in front of Boscovs. And thank you Marie Holliday for coordinating the work hours.

Interact Students arrange Food Drive

The students from the  ninth grade class of Global Studies (our newest Interact students) are holding a virtual Food Drive where you can donate money to purchase specific food items.

Here is the link: https://fbd.fenly.org/drive/newark-charter-schools-virtual-food-drive/

Or you can drop off non-perishable food items in the box at the end of the driveway at  23 Cornwall Drive, Newark DE 19711. Items will be collected through Dec. 22 and then taken to the Food Bank of Delaware..

Let’s show the  ninth graders we can step up and help! I will let Lisa Westerfield know.


Grant Meeting with PAL – Thursday, Dec. 17, 8:15

FACT Committee Meeting – Monday, Jan. 4, 9 a.m.

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting – Thursday, Jan. 14, 8:15 a.m.

Board of Directors Meting – Thursday, Jan. 28, 8:15 a.m.


Where is your BUDDY?

Have you made contact with your buddy this week? He/She might by waiting for your call or email. Be forewarned that Sgt. At Arms will be asking why your buddy is not on our next Zoom meeting. Fines are coming!

                    Greeter                   Rotary Minute              Prayer

Dec. 17    Jennifer Pilcher           Steve Fangman             Robin Broomall

Dec. 24    Doug Rainey               Bob Foard                      Charlie Brown

Dec. 31    Mike Reckner              Donna Friswell               Eric Cannon

Jan. 7       Anthony Santoro         Evelyn Hayes                 Nancy Chase

Jan. 14    Paul Sayther                 Joyce Henderson          Bob Cronin


(If you cannot be here, it is your responsibility to find a replacement!)

                   Sergeant At Arms Helpers – Stay tuned

Thought for the Week

For all you Scrooges:

The Devil whispered to me, “I’m coming for you!”

I whispered back, “Bring pizza.”

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