Weekly Bulletin Dec. 14, 2023

Dec. 14, 2023      Create Hope in the World!
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Nominations Now being Accepted
The first reason our club has been so successful is that we were built on a foundation of leaders who knew the history of Rotary and its traditions and the importance of supporting The Rotary Foundation. The second reason, and now after 24+ years of existance perhaps the most important, is our establishing a  succession plan to ensure the continuation of good leadership practices. This year’s nomination committee consisting of Past President Robin, Past President Clinton, and President Stewart is now accepting nominations for the 2024-25 officers. The most important office to be filled is Vice President. That member would automatically be nominated to President Elect in 2025-26 and then President in 2026-27. If you would like to nominate yourself or another worthy club member, please submit your/their name to Robin. Elections will take place in January.

Newest Interact Class in Action

Our newest class of Interact students from Aspira High School shared their ideas for a Lending Library for their school. This will be their first service project. If you have any books appropriate for teens (horror, mystery, thrillers, dysphoria) that you would like to donate, please bring them to Robin and they will be delivered. The students have a cabinet to repurpose, ideas for posters, QR planned to keep track of the books. Now they need books. Spanish versions would be greatly appreciated since this is a dual language school. Let’s show our support! [Editor’s note: Jim Broomall has already used his carpenter skills to rebuild the cabinet and they will be painting it next week.]

Boys and Girls Club donation

Rember as a child getting excited as the holidays approach and wondering what Santa will bring? Or celebrating with family and friends as you lit each candle for Hanukkah? Not all of our friends and neighbors feel that sense of joy because of financial restraints.

Boys and Girls Club of New Castle will again have a holiday parfty with gifts of toys and clothes and lots of party fun. We can help make each child’s joy and fun even better. Our club will donate $1500 to the New Castle club. Members have already pledged an additional $2,575 personally. If you still want to make a personal donation, please let Robin know ASAP. Your personal donation will be included on your next invoice. Be generous!

Toys for Tots

Thank you for the great toys donated at our holiday reception last week. They were delivered to the Marines Toys For Tots location at Bloom Energy.

Hero’s Scholarship

On Sunday our first Hero’s Scholarship was announced in honor of our own hero Evelyn Hayes. Each year we will present a $2,000 scholarship for a young person to attend school and study in the career of a Hero.

Evelyn was selected as our first Hero for a scholarship to be presented due to her outstanding service to our country. She joined the U.S. Army Reserve Corps in 1979 with her first assignment to a Station Hospital in West Hartford, CT, followed by a faculty position at USAR School and various leadership roles in training and administration. She also served at Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe, Fort Jackson, and Walter Reed Hospital. She retired with 23 years of military service with the rank of Colonel. She then went on to a second full career of teaching in the Nursing Program at UD. She is OUR HERO of2023.

100% High Engagement
Every member has the chance to get 100% attendance recognition this year. Every time you attend a committee meeting, work on a service project, attend a Board meeting, or attend another club’s meeting, please let Secretary BJ know and she will give you credit. Now if family members and guests work on any club endorsed project or event with you, YOU will receive an extra point for High Engagement!
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Upcoming Programs.
Dec. 14 – Mark Farrall, Chief, Newark Police Dept.
Dec. 21 and 28 – No Meetings – Holiday Break
Jan. 4 – TBA
Jan. 11 – Kickoff to 2024 Report to Community
Jan. 18 – Rhiannon Barlow, UD Mentoring Program / Board Meeting
Jan. 25 – Club Assembly
Dec. 7 – 50/50 Winner Mike Reckner

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Dec. 14    Paul Keely    Fred Dawson      BJ DiDonato

Sgt. At Arms Helpers    Laurie Williams and Jamie Zingaro


Dec. 21  Santa Baby!       Mrs. Claus      Rudolph (praying for snowy night)

Sgt. At Arms Helpers      Prancer & the Boys

(If you cannot be here, it is your responsibility to find a replacement!)


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