Weekly Bulletin 6/27/19

June 27, 2019   Be An Inspiration!


June 20 program:

President Elect Evelyn Hayes (aka The Colonel) shared her goals and objectives for the incoming Rotary year. 1) increase membership by 10% or 4.5 members, 2) initiate JA as a signature project, 3) participate in at least one combined Newark-area Rotary club projects, 4) submit a district grant application, and 5) participate w/a community organization in a collaborative effort. With one Discover Rotary event held in May, we are already on our way to increasing membership with several perspective members in the pipeline. Evelyn is also in contact with Newark Day Care to see what we can do with them besides just give money.  A JA proposal is underway. Mike Luck is working with other Newark clubs to arrange an activity. Site visits will also be an important part of PE Evelyn’s agenda.


Robin presented an overview of the district grant application submitted to the District and approved. We will be providing funds for additional training videos for volunteers with Lori’s Hands as well as providing actual hands-on work for the chronically ill clients. The total project is approximately $11,000. We were awarded $4,900 toward the grant. Christiana and Middletown clubs will also contribute to the project. For more information on Lori’s Hands, visit www.lorishands.org.


June Programs (Michael Smith)

June 27 – No Morning Meeting – Annual Meeting 6 pm Cocktails, 6:30 buffet dinner


July Programs (Laura DelPercio)

July 4 – No Meeting –  Happy Fourth of July!

July 11 – Lee Murphy

July 18 – Mandella Fellows Pitch Contest

July 25 – Club Assembly – In-Meeting Service Project


August Programs (Fred Dawson)

Aug 1 – Robert Yearick, Ed. Of Out and About, War on Words

Aug 8 – Mark Fields, Ex. Dir. Grand Opera House

Aug 15 – No Morning Meeting – Visit Another Club Week

Aug 22 – No morning Meeting – Club Picnic

Aug 29 – No Meeting – Labor Day Weekend


Upcoming Events (need your participation)


June 27 – Annual Dinner (no morning meeting)

July 12 – Mandella Fellows dinner at the Courtyard

Aug. 22 – Club picnic at Gore Pavilion


50/50 Winner for June 20 – Tom Minto


Board Meeting June 20

The final Board meeting of this Rotary year was held June 20. Four new members were approved: Bryan Horsey, Kelly Bachman, Jason Lawhorn, and Tabatha Schury. Congratulations to our newest members!!!


New make up rules!

Starting with July 1, every Rotarian has a chance for 100% attendance for the next year!!! The new changes made at the Rotary International’s Council on Legislation eliminate the rule for makeups for missed meetings where you had to make up two weeks before to two weeks after a missed meeting in order to get credit for a make up. Now a make up can be applied to ANY missed meeting for the whole year. If you attend another club’s meeting, a Rotary supported event or activitiy, a club Board meeting, a club committee meeting, or any other business connected to Rotary, that will qualify as a makeup for a missed meeting. You will not get credit on your invoice unless you show receipt for attending a Rotary meeting with a meal charge. Be sure to let Secretary Doug Gordon know you attended the event so he can give you credit.

Committee chairs and Event/Project Chairs – please give Doug Gordon a list of members who attended or participated in your activity or meeting so he can give them credit.


Let’s make this a 100% attendance year!!!



Rotary Foundation gets highest rating – again!

Again, The Rotary Foundation (TRF) has received the highest possible score from Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities in the U.S. For the 11th  straight year, TRF has earned the maximum 100 points for both demonstrating strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency. Also, TRF received its 11th straight 4-star rating. Only 1% of the charities the organization evaluates have received at least 11 consecutive 4-star evaluations, setting TRF apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness.





                Greeters                       Rotary Minute              Prayer

June 27 Fred Dawson                 Joyce Henderson        Dennis Greenhouse

July 11Laura DelPercio               Kevin Henker                 Joyce Henderson

July 18 Robert Foard                  Marie Holliday                Kevin Henker

July 25 Kelly Bachman               Jerry Holt                      Marie Holliday

Aug. 1  Bryan Horsey                 John Hornor                   Jerry Holt

Aug. 8   Jason Lawhorn               Paul Keely                    John Hornor


             Sergeant At Arms Helpers

June 27             Kevin Henker and Marie Holliday

July 11              Jerry holt and Paul Keely

July 18              Shawn Klapinsky and Mike Laur

July 25              Mike Luck and Josh Martin

Aug. 1               Bill McNabola and Tom Minto

Aug. 8               Don Newcomb and Doug Rainey


(If you cannot be here, it is your responsibility to find a replacement!)


Pun for the Week:

When a clock is hungry, it goes back for seconds.

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