Weekly Bulletin – 11/15/18

Nov. 8 program:
The Jewish Federation of Delaware, under the direction of Seth Katzen, works to deliver hope to other Jewish organizations throughout Delaware. He likes t think of it as “The Jewish United Way.” Helping to raise money for other Jewish organizathions so that they can fulfill their missions. Through the annual campaign, women’s philanthropy, young leadership division, community outreach, library, and other committees, they work to feed, clothe, comfort and rescue people in need as well as inspire, educate, and connect people to their Jewish faith.

November Programs ( Cindi Viviano )
Nov. 1- Ankura Arya, Leading Youth Through Empowerment Nov.8- Seth Katzen, Jewish Federation of Delaware
Nov. 15- Liane Sorenson, Fund For Women
Nov. 22 – NO MEETING – Thanksgiving
Nov. 29 – Newark Charter Interact Students

December Programs (Evelyn Hayes)
Dec. 5 (Yes – a Wednesday) 6-8 p.m. Holiday Reception Dec. 6 – No Meeting
Dec. 13 – TBA
Dec. 20 – TBA
Dec. 27 – No Meeting – Christmas Holiday

Upcoming Events (need your participation)
Dec. 5 – Holiday Reception

50/50 Winner – Congratulations, Shawn Klapinsky!

A Real Newspaper AD of the Week:
WEDDING DRESS FOR SALE Worn once by mistake. Call Stephanie

Welcome back returning Rotarians, Mike Reckner and Bob Foard!

Flags For Heroes – Incredible sight!
With more than 120 flags blowing in the wind, a short ceremony to honor our heroes was held Monday, Veterans Day holiday, on the lawn of Newark City Administration Building. Many thanks to those who worked on the committee with Paul Keely, those who sponsored flags, and those who supported our efforts in other ways. There are many pictures in the Newark Post e-edition. There will be even more flags next year.

Wear a 67 pin proudly!
Earn your “I saved 67 x 3 ” pin by contributing $40 directly to the Rotary Foundation. Give a check made out the The Rotary Foundation, or $40 cash to Robin and you will have saved 67 lives from receiving polio. The money will be sent to TRF in your name, doubled by the World Fund, then tripled by the Gates Foundation. Go, Rotarians!!!

Foundation Awards Received
At the District Foundation Dinner last Friday, our club was recognized with several awards earned during the 2017-18 Rotary year, under the direction of Josh Martin. We were recognized for being one of only 1,575 clubs worldwide to achieve Top Three in Per Capita Giving, one of only 3,425 clubs worldwide to achieve Every Rotarian Every Year, and one of only 4,000 clubs worldwide to become 100% Foundation Giving Club. Remember: there are more than 35,000 clubs worldwide. And we were one of only 10 clubs in our district to receive the Presidential Citation for last year. Well done!!!

Downes Homework Club – After a conversation with Chrissy at Newark Parks and Rec, we are assured the program is “back on track.” Please sign up to tutor a youngster on Mondays and Thursdays, 3:45 – 5 p.m.

Greeters Rotary Minute Prayer
Nov. 15 Marie Holliday Josh Martin Mary Konwinski
Nov. 22 Tom Turkey Sally Sweet Potatoe Paul Pumpkin Pie
Nov. 29 Jerry Holt Bill McNabola Mike Laur
Dec. 13 John Hornor Tom Minto Michael Luck
Sergeant At Arms Helpers
Nov. 15 Mike Luck and Josh Martin
Nov. 22 Cranberry Salad and Mincemeat Pie
Nov. 29 Bill McNabola and Tom Minto
Dec. 15 Doug Rainey and Paul Sayther

(If you cannot be here, it is your responsibility to find a replacement!)

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