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With assistance from the Newark Morning Rotary Club, more than 4,100 schoolgirls in Nigeria will now be able to attend school every week of the month, rather than missing 25% of their educational time due to lack of menstrual supplies.

The $10,000 project will have a huge impact on schoolgirls and their families through the OnePad Project, run by Assurance Ayilara in Nigeria. The goal of OnePad is to reduce poverty by 25% by 2030, ensuring more girls stay in school and become educated, mentally stable, confident, and successful individuals.

The girls were trained on how to make reusable menstrual pads as well as have access to free menstrual hygiene kits and printed information. According to reports by UNICEF, 10% of African girls miss school due to their periods. In Nigeria, nearly 8 million schoolgirls do not have sufficient access to menstrual hygiene products nor related education. This leads to unhygienic practices and increases the risk of infections and illnesses.

Many of these girls come from slums, fishing camps, and the riverine areas of Bayelsa and Rivers states in the southern part of Nigeria.

“No girl should miss out on her education because of the fear or stigma of menstruating,” said Rotarian Doris Chan Leach, chair of the grant project. “All teenage girls should be empowered with the right information about their bodies.”
The Newark Morning Rotarians met Ayilara when she attended the Mandella Fellows program at University of Delaware in summer of 2022. Her commitment to the One Pad Project convinced the Rotarians to support the Nigerian project, filling one of Rotary’s Areas of Focus : Women’s and Children’s Health.

Along with a grant from Rotary District 7630, the Newark Morning Rotarians committed $10,000 to the project with the intent of continuing to support the health and education of girls internationally as well as locally.

In June 2023, the female members of this club, along with some female spouses, assembled 100 kits of a variety of menstrual supplies and donated them to girls at Glasgow High School who were considered low-income or homeless to help them during the summer months when the school nurse was not available to accommodate their emergency needs.

The Newark Morning Rotary Club has been committed to serving our local and global communities for more than 25 years. For more information, visit

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Photos courtesy of OnePad Project.




Newark Morning assembled 50 “birthday boxes” that will be delivered with Meals on Wheels to local seniors. This is always fun and so appreciated by the recipients!

The last photo shows the 50 boxes ready with District Governor John Mager helping along with Josh and his daughter Alina! Great to have Shelly and Karen from the Northeast MD Rotary Club to help!

Adopt the Newark Reservoir

On Saturday August 19, 2023 the Newark Morning Rotary Club led by Doris Leach began the monthly cleanup of the Newark Reservoir and Preston’s Playground.  Doris was joined by Robin Broomall, John Hornor and his wife Karen, Amanda McGinty, Clinton Tymes and Lynn Mey and her husband Jeff.  One of the members took the trash home to discard.  Clean ups will occur in the future on the third Saturday of the month at 9:30 AM.


By William Aloysius Sullivan

The Ladies of the Newark Morning Rotary Club, took the power of suggestions from Rotary International Preside Jennifer Jones’s theme of Empowering Girls.

At one of their social sessions, they mentioned the hygiene kit idea. They investigated and found nearly 100 low-income and homeless girls attend Glasgow High School and regularly visit the school nurse for their menstrual supplies. We found that in the summer they did not have access to this from the nurse, so we took the challenge. In less than 2 weeks we collected more than 7,500 items. With the energy of the ladies and help from other members, spouses and the community, our Club ladies collected and assembled 100 kits for the girls and delivered them to the school nurse for distribution to the girls before school ends for the year on FridayF.

Here are several photos of the collection and assembly of the hygiene kits! Wow, and thanks to all!

Birthday Boxes

Many times a year, the club puts together birthday boxes.  The boxes consist of some snacks and drinks, puzzles, stress relievers, and other personal items.  The boxes are given to the Meals on Wheels program where the volunteers give them to the seniors and other homebound people when it is their birthday.  The recipients are thrilled when they receive their birthday box.  See the cover of our recent 2023 Report To The Community!.



Ever October, NMR delivers Dictionaries to 3rd grade students throughout Newark. Our members purchase student dictionaries, and personally deliver them to over 40 classrooms. During our visit, we discuss how useful dictionaries can be, and walk students through finding words and reading their definitions (like “Truth”), looking up facts about states, planets and other things of interest, and let them try to pronounce the longest word in the English language. The dictionaries are gifts, and are the students to keep. In many cases, the students tell us the dictionary is the first book that they ever personally owned!


Leaf Raking Project

Every November, NMR takes to the streets with our Leaf Raking Project. With the help of community assistance programs, we identify people who are unable to rake their own leaves, and can’t afford to pay someone to do it. Many of the folks we help are homebound and completely dependent on others. Our members arrive with rakes, blowers and bags, clean up their entire yard, and dispose of the bagged leaves. And to prove no sacrifice is too great, we often enjoy donuts before we start, and gather for lunch and a beverage or two after we’ve completed our work.