New!! IMPACT Club

Are you passionate about community service but struggling to fit traditional meetings into your busy schedule?
IMPACT offers a service-only focus, allowing you to make a difference without the commitment of regular meetings associated with traditional Rotary clubs.
As a member of our IMPACT club, you can choose your level of involvement. Whether you serve often or rarely, every hour of service you perform is an hour of service that would have otherwise been lost. IMPACT projects may sometimes seem small, but they have an exponential impact on our community.
We recognize that young (and sometimes seasoned) adults have a passion for serving, but that their family and professional commitments make it hard to join highly structured organizations like Rotary.
IMPACT was created to offer a framework for serving as a part of something bigger than yourself, and provides the flexibility needed for people with crazy schedules
and commitments.
Interested in learning more?  Contact us at!