Flags for Heroes 2021

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Anne Chapman Sisk

Could not be prouder of my niece. A graduate of the University of Maryland, USAF Capt. Anne Chapman "Annie" Sisk is a Nuclear and Missile Operations Officer). From a launch control center 50+ feet underground, she is responsible for the day-to-day monitoring, security, and maintenance of up to 150 Minuteman III nuclear missile sites, a system first fielded in 1970. She and her peers ensure maximum launch capability upon direction from POTUS as well as the total integrity and security of the launch system, the missiles, and the warheads themselves. She is currently a squadron instructor, so for my "day job" I am tasked with maintaining the highest operational procedures proficiency for the 30 or so missile combat crews in my squadron through simulator training, academic training, and quarterly and annual evaluations. Annie is at left, below.