Flags for Heroes 2021

2021 Heroes

Heroes come in many forms. Whether military personnel, frontline and healthcare workers, or social justice activists committed to equality – we raise a flag in their honor and recognize their service and sacrifice. Together, we can encourage our friends and neighbors to recognize heroes in our community. Join us in applauding the service of our local champions and be a part of this incredible tradition in our community. You can help by sponsoring your personal hero with a $50 tax deductible donation.

Medard M Slatwinski

Medard was born in NYC and grew up in Poland. He served in the European and African Theatres during WWII...

More Sponsor - ALICIA. Slatwinski Feliberty

Jeffery Santoro

Following the 2001, September 11th terrorist attack on the United States of America, I managed to put a lot of...

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Patrick Smith


More Sponsor - Anthony Santoro

Dave Steel

US Navy

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Parents Dr. Roy and Janie Baker

Daddy was 4F during WWII because one leg was 2" shorter than other, probably polio survivor. As Superintendent of Schools...

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Rocco G. DiDonato

United States Army, Dessert Shield/Dessert Storm

More Sponsor - Betty DiDonato

Jordan Cook

U.S. Army - Veteran

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Peter Bosserman

U.S. Navy - Veteran

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Maurice Harrison

U.S. Air Force - Veteran

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John LaFazia

U.S. Marine Corps - Veteran

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Todd Sapp

U.S. Marine Corps - Veteran

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Gabe McCloskey

U.S. Air Force - Veteran

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Brent Deatrick

U.S. Air Force - Active Duty

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Donald Fleming

U.S. Navy - Veteran

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Adam McMullen

U.S. Army - Veteran Army National Guard - Active Duty

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Corey McMullen

U,S, Marine Corps - Veteran

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Naajee Tymes

So proud you.

More Sponsor - Clinton Tymes

Naajee Tymes

United States Navy Stationed in Washington State

More Sponsor - Clinton Tymes

Norman Carter

Served in the US Army, 173rd Airborne Division, SP4. In Viet Nam 1967-1968.

More Sponsor - Deb Carter

Brandon Smith

Police officer in Delaware

More Sponsor - Don Newcomb

Willam Guenther

Served in Europe in the U.S. Army during World War II.

More Sponsor - Doug Rainey

VCAT {Veterans and College Athletes Together}

A fitness and wellness program for OEF and OIF Veterans. Veterans are matched with UD Athletes as workout buddies twice...

More Sponsor - Evelyn Hayes

Kenneth Huelskamp Sr

Navy Veteran 20 yrs service

More Sponsor - Gina Moore

Jack Kavanagh

Served in the Strickland Destroyer Escort in the Atlantic and Pacific during World War II.

More Sponsor - Jane and Jeff Morton

Jack kavanagh

Served in the Strickland Destroyer Escort in Atlantic and Pacific WWII

More Sponsor - Jane and jeff morton

Betty Kavanagh

My mom survived Polio, two bouts of cancer, raised 9 children and worked in the family business. Never complained.

More Sponsor - Jane and jeff morton

James Lawhorn

Jimmy Lawhorn is the proud father of three sons and five grandchildren . Jimmy volunteered and served as a United...

More Sponsor - Jason Lawhorn

Art Lear

Art Lear was a native Delawarean whom served in Europe during World War II. He earned a Purple Heart for...

More Sponsor - Jennifer Pilcher

Art Lear

Delawarean who served in Europe during World War II

More Sponsor - Jennifer Pilcher

Verdie Marshbanks Holt


More Sponsor - Jerry Holt

Verdie Marshbanks Holt


More Sponsor - Jerry Holt

James B. Streit Sr.

USMC, South Pacific, World War II

More Sponsor - Jim and Linda Streit

F. Charles Raab, III

USN, Atlantic Theater, World War II

More Sponsor - Jim and Linda Streit

James B. Streit, Sr.

Marine, WWII

More Sponsor - Jim Streit

F. Charles Raab, III

U,S. Navy, Atlantic theater

More Sponsor - Jim Streit

Jay Hornor

Jay served our country during World War II and the Korean War in the Air Force. He came back and...

More Sponsor - John Hornor

SSgt Corima Chavez


More Sponsor - john p Miller

Sgt Ryan Golder

USMC, Afghanistan

More Sponsor - john p Miller

Astor Ritter

WWII from 1942-46

More Sponsor - Josie DeLuca

Melvin J. Dennis

Melvin is my brother who fought for this country by serving in the US army.

More Sponsor - Joyce Henderson

Teachers at Downes Elementary

When COVID-19 hit, teachers had to reassess and adjust how they interact with students. The teachers at Downes have done...

More Sponsor - Kelly Bachman

Teachers at Shue-Medill Middle School

When COVID-19 hit, teachers had to reassess and adjust how they interact with students. The teachers at Shue have done...

More Sponsor - Kelly Bachman

Dr. Roshni Guerry

Roshni Guerry, M.D. is a triple board certified physician at ChristianaCare and Medical Director of the Supportive and Palliative Care...

More Sponsor - Kelly Bachman

Gregory Kupar

Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4) in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

More Sponsor - Kelly Bachman

Michael Loro

A military veteran and a great father.

More Sponsor - Laura Loro

Ralph L. Hairsine


More Sponsor - Linda Hairsine Russell

John Stapleford

Air Force Vietnam War Faithful Servant, Defender of the Downtrodden

More Sponsor - Linda Stapleford

Captain Trevor Reed

Currently serving a tour in Afghanistan and Kuwait. Received the Combat Action award.

More Sponsor - Lyn Henshaw

Cathryn Minnich

Emergency Room Nurse

More Sponsor - Lynn & Jeff Mey

MIchael Caughlin Jr.

199th light infantry brigade, Vietnam,1966-1968

More Sponsor - Margaret Northam

Anne Chapman Sisk

Could not be prouder of my niece. A graduate of the University of Maryland, USAF Capt. Anne Chapman "Annie" Sisk...

More Sponsor - Mark Sisk

Joseph Gilbert Sisk

My grandfather J. Gilbert Sisk served in World War 1 with the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe.

More Sponsor - Mark Sisk

Charles J Bryson Jr

Vietnam war veteran

More Sponsor - Mary Anne Bryson

Kenneth L Roach

Navy, WW II

More Sponsor - Mary Anne Bryson

James Walker Sisk

James is caseworker working with Preble Street Veterans Housing Services in Portland, Maine. He provide services to veterans and their...

More Sponsor - Mary Brighthaupt/Jonathan Sisk

John (Jack) Sullivan

1938-2018 (deceased) Army Veteran, Newark businessman, loving husband and father.

More Sponsor - Mary Lofink

Thomas Russell

Thomas Russell proudly served as a US Marine in the Vietnam War. He received the purple heart after being critically...

More Sponsor - Megan & Ryan Zarzycki

Edward C. Luck

My uncle Ed is a diplomat, linguist, and concerned global citizen. He most recently served as the United Nations Secretary-General’s...

More Sponsor - Michael Luck

Denis J. Reckner

Master Sargent USAF. Veteran. Husband. Father. Thanks Dad!

More Sponsor - Michael Reckner

Ty Callahan

My hero, Corporal Ty Callahan, is a combat veteran. He served in the 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade and fought in...

More Sponsor - Mrs. Tricia Callahan

Robert "Bupper" Bachman

Honorably served in U.S. Army. Loving father, grandfather, husband, uncle, brother and son.

More Sponsor - Nathan & Kelly Bachman

Vincent Keely

My dad was an army WWII veteran who unfortunately saw his share of bad stuff. But he served our country,...

More Sponsor - Paul & Eileen Keely

Richard M Heeter Sr

Loving son, husband, father of 9 (yes nine!), grandfather of 16. Proud Air Force veteran. We miss this remarkable man...

More Sponsor - Paul Keely

City of Newark

Honoring all Veteran employees and Veteran retirees of the City of Newark who have served our Country

More Sponsor - Polly Sierer

Newark Police Department

Honoring all City of Newark Police Officers for their service to our community

More Sponsor - Polly Sierer

Aetna Hose Hook & Ladder Company

Honoring all Firefighters and EMT’s who serve our City of Newark Community

More Sponsor - Polly Sierer

John Wiggins

Uncle Jack served in World War II at the same time as his four of his brothers. They When he...

More Sponsor - Robin Broomall

Russell Wiggins

Uncle Russell served in World War II, mostly in Protection Service. His last assignment was in Washington, D.C. He served...

More Sponsor - Robin Broomall

Bert Wiggins

Uncle Bert was a decorated serviceman in World War II, serving under Patton in North Africa into Europe and the...

More Sponsor - Robin Broomall

William Leslie Broomall

Col. Wm. Leslie Broomall, my brother-in-law, was a decorated Air Force officer, serving in many locations around the world during...

More Sponsor - Robin Broomall

Verlye Wiggins

My father was the second oldest of 7 sons. While the others were able to serve in World War II...

More Sponsor - Robin Broomall

Ross Wiggins

My grandpap, Ross Wiggins, taught me so many things in my life. He wasn't educated, didn't serve in the wars,...

More Sponsor - Robin Broomall

Howard J. Savacool

Howard, my father, served in the Marine Corp. 1946-48. He then served in the Marine Reserves till 1952, finishing as...

More Sponsor - Savacool Family

Joseph Bucksner

Joe is a 15 year veteran of the Wilmington Police Department and currently a supervisor within the detectives unit. He...

More Sponsor - Stephanie Bucksner

Bobby Fangman

Flight Attendant United Flt 175. 9/11

More Sponsor - Stephen Fangman

Joe Bucksner

Joe is a City of Wilmington Detective Supervisor. He has served as an officer for more than 15 years and...

More Sponsor - The Bucksner Family

Jerry Clifton

Delaware National Guard, retired after 21 years of service

More Sponsor - The Newark Partnership

William H. Robinson

Proudly served in the Navy on the USS Boxer aircraft carrier during the Korean War from 1955-1959.

More Sponsor - Tim and Ruthie Toole

Lawrence Massengill

U.S. Army - Active Duty

More Sponsor - Timothy Boulden

Col. Paul E. Wise, Jr.

Paul was a highly-decorated US Army officer, achieving the rank of full Colonel. He retired in 1982 but not before...

More Sponsor - William A Sullivan

Leo A. Sullivan

World War II hero, served in the US Navy and was present at the Japanese surrender at Tokyo Bay, his...

More Sponsor - William A. Sullivan

Leo A. Sullivan

WWII vet in the US Navy, served on LSTs in Europe and later the Pacific Theater, his ship was one...

More Sponsor - William A. Sullivan

Col. Paul E. Wise, Jr.

Prof. Wise was a highly decorated U.S. Army officer, achieving the rank of full colonel. He retired in 1982, but...

More Sponsor - William A. Sullivan

Honorable Wayne R. Hanby

Our hometown hero is retired Corporal, Judge Wayne R. Hanby. Wayne proudly served with the United States Marine Corps (2nd...

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Sponsor a Flag

By sponsoring a flag, you are not only recognizing the men and women you admire, but supporting the Newark Morning Rotary Club in its mission of service above self by making local community service projects throughout the year possible.

100% of the proceeds from your sponsorship benefit a variety of community organizations, scholarships, and projects such as:

  • Newark Area Welfare Committee
  • Downes Homework Club
  • Stockings for Soldiers
  • Junior Achievement
  • Relay for Life
  • Shoes That Fit

Who Can Be Your Hero?

Your heroes are anyone who has made a difference in your life that you’d like to honor in this special way, including:

Active military


Police officers