Bulletin for September, 2019

September 5, 2019    Rotary Connects the World!


August was a busy, yet relaxed, month for our club, with Aug. 1 and 8 being the only regular meetings.

On the 8th, Mark Fields, Executive director of the Grand Opera House, told us about the history of the buildings and organization as well as the plans for the upcoming season.

The week of Aug. 15, all members were asked to visit another Rotary club meeting. There is nothing like meeting other Rotarians and hearing how they run their meetings and events to help one understand the depth and breath of this organization.

On Aug. 22 we had our annual family picnic, complete with all the burgers, hot dogs, salads, and desserts you could eat. Thank you to everyone who brought those delicious salads, cakes, and cookies.

On Aug. 29, we slept in and enjoyed the week off to celebrate the final week of the summer vacation season. Happy Labor Day to you!

Now that September is here, vacations are mostly over, and school has begun, we are ready for another busy Rotary season of serving the community.


September Programs (Bill Sullivan)

Sept. 5 – Kathleen McGuiness, State of Delaware Auditor of Accounts

Sept. 12 – Natalie Medlock, Dominican Republic Literacy Program

Sept. 19 – Tim Furlong, NBC10 Delaware correspondent

Sept. 26 – Club Assembly and Board Meeting


October Programs (Bill McNabloa and others)

Oct. 3 – Kathy Hrenko, Project C.U.R.E.

Oct. 10 – TBA

Oct. 17 – DG Bill Ferguson Official Visit

Oct. 24 – John Nanni, Polio Survivor and World’s Greatest Meal

Oct. 31 – Club Assembly



Upcoming Events (need your participation)


Sept. 15 – Community Day on The Green  (Sign up with Bill Sullivan)

September – Dictionary Distribution (Mike Laur chair)

Oct. 19 – Rotary Leadership Institute at Cecil College

Nov. 13 – Discovery Rotary Meeting for Prospective Members

Dec. 7 – Volunteering at the Food Bank


50/50 Winner for Sept. 5 – John Nanni from Middletown Rotary !



Upcoming Opportunities for Volunteering

Watch for specific details in the next weeks on ways you can serve the community. President Evelyn has been making many new contacts.

  • Community Day – On Sunday, Sept. 15, volunteers are needed to help with our display on The Green for the huge Newark celebration. Bill /Sullivan is chair for our club this year.
  • Dictionary distribution – during September we give student dictionaries to all third graders in local schools. Chairmen will be needed to coordinate and assistants will be needed to do the actual presentations. Details to follow.
  • Newark Day Nursery – sign up with Read Aloud Delaware and designate Newark Day Nursery as the organization where you can read stories to preschoolers. Or check with Evelyn on other ways you can help the school.
  • Junior Achievement – starting this year we will be doing volunteering with classes that visit JA for the economics program. Our Rotary Center at Biztown is almost 20 years old!
  • C.U.R.E. – located in West Grove, the organization sorts and ships new and used medical supplies and equipment around the world. We will be helping with sorting and packing. Details to come.
  • Flags For Heroes – help will be needed to assemble and arrange our display of flags on Veterans Day weekend, as well as spread the word about flag sponsorships.
  • Food Bank – Jerry Holt has scheduled us to volunteer to sort canned goods at the new facility on Saturday, Dec. 7. Put it on your calendar!
  • Lori’s Hands – as part of our district grant, we will be doing hands-on work with other student volunteers for clients of Lori’s Hands. A work day is being scheduled for garden clean up, leaf raking, and small jobs at homes of the chronically ill.


Learn more about Rotary

The Rotary Leadership Institute is a great way to learn more about this organization on Saturday, Oct. 19, at Cecil Community College. Register on line at rli33.org for part one, two, or three, pay for your registration, then give your receipt to treasurer Shawn for reimbursement. Enjoy a full day of education, food, and fellowship with other Rotarians and you will begin to appreciate the depth and breath of this organization.


Got your NEW Buddy’s name and contact info?

Last week Membership Committee Chair Paul Keely distributed the new list of Buddies. Keep in touch, know where each other is when meetings come around. Or just have coffee together to get to know one another better.  Seasoned Rotarians are valuable in answering newer Rotarians’ questions and guiding them through the quirks of our  Rotary family.

Support The Rotary Foundation (TRF)

Each member of this club has made a commitment to support the annual find of the Rotary Foundation. Please return your form to Marie Holliday, our Foundation Committee Chair, whether or not  you want to change your level of contribution or keep it the same. Your first quarter invoice will tell you how much you have pledged.

 Or make it even easier to contribute

If you want to have your contribution made directly to TRF by credit card (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually) and not have it included on your quarterly club invoice, go to www.rotarydirect.org to sign up. Easy…..


Greeters                       Rotary Minute              Prayer

Sept. 5  Tabatha Schury             Shawn Klapinsky           Bryan Horsey

Sept. 12 Jennifer Pilcher             Mike Laur                      Paul Keely

Sept. 19 Doug Rainey                Stewart Lee                   Shawn Klapinsky

Sept. 26 Mike Reckner               Mike Luck                     Mike Laur

Oct. 3   Paul Sayther                 Bill McNabloa                Stewart Lee

(Note: Greeters should arrive by 6:45 and post themselves by the badge box. Please collect $12 from visiting Rotarians and others who are not guests of members. Have the visitor complete a guest form and give to the secretary.)

                          Sergeant At Arms Helpers

Sept. 5              Mike Reckner and Paul Sayther

Sept. 12            Tabatha Schury and Polly Sierer

Sept. 19            Mark Sisk and Michael Smith

Sept. 26            Greg Stephens and Bill Sullivan

Oct.3                Clinton Tymes and Cindi Viviano


(If you cannot be here, it is your responsibility to find a replacement!)


Pun for the Week:

His parents thought he was a budding genius.

But he turned out to be a blooming idiot.

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