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January 29, 2015

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Program for Jan. 22
Marie Holliday gave a semi-annual treasurer's report to the group. Our total assets are approximately $73,000; however, we have many expenses to come out of that for the remainder of this Rotary year, including membership dues to RI, contributions to The Rotary Foundation and several budgeted community service projects. Contact Marie if you want a copy of the report.

Then we had a scintillating presentation by our president and Sales Manager for the 2015 Report to the Community. If we average $1,000 per member in sales, we will have about the same income as in 2014. Remember, every penny of profit for this campaign goes to Bill Sullivan's year for community service projects. Paul will send the sales sheets to everyone electronically. He also has hard copies for distribution.

Upcoming Programs

(Barry Baker- program coordinator)
Jan. 1- No Meeting HAPPY NEW YEAR
Jan. 8 – Club Assembly – Membership Survey Results
Jan. 15- Barbara Woodford, White Clay Creek State Park
Jan. 22 – Club Assembly – 2015 Report Kickoff, Treasurer’s Report
Jan. 29- Tyler DeBruin, Newark Parks Dept and CATCH program

(Mary Konwinski - program coordinator)
Feb. 5 – Esteban Parra, The News Journa
Feb. 12 – Joel Schiller, Delaware Marathons
Feb. 19 – Classification Talks
Feb. 26- Stacey Haddock Schiller, Delaware Adolescent Program

Upcoming events:

Feb. 14 – Rotary Has Heart (food drive)
April 18 – Rotary Leadership Institute, Wilmington
Feb. 27, 28 – President Elect Training Seminar (PETS)
May 1,2,3 – District Conference, Baltimore Inner Harbor

Jan. 22 – 50/50 Eric Cannon !!!

Feeding the Hungry

Per a request from District Governor Jen Reider to have a heart and consider our hungry neighbors, our three Newark area clubs will hold a food drive on Saturday, Feb. 14 in the College Square Shopping Center. More details will be coming.

No Money, No Ad in 2015 Report

Because there were (and still are) so many outstanding payments for ads in the last Report to the Community, a new rule is in place: If money for an ad is not received by April 15, the ad will not be published. Please start your sales opportunities early so we do not have to disappoint anyone when the 2015 Report hits the newsstands at the end of May.

Opportunities for Rotary Education

All members are invited to attend the Rotary Leadership Institute, Saturday April 18, at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington. The all-day session is divided into parts 1, 2, 3, and graduate level for every level of Rotarian. If you are new to Rotary, this is a wonderful way to learn more about the organization and how wide spread our service relationships become. Register on-line at Pay the $95 registration fee, then give your receipt to Marie Holliday for refund. So basically it is a full day of education, fellowship, fun and FOOD for free!!!

Please Pay Up!

If you have an outstanding club invoice, please settle your debt ASAP! Treasurer Marie will be preparing the next round of invoices shortly. We also want to get all monies owed to The Rotary Foundation submitted shortly and cannot do that without your payment first. And besides that – you don’t want us including your name in the list of deadbeats we discuss at the next Board meeting!! :-)

Date Greeters Rotary Minute  Prayer
Jan. 29 Eric Cannon Mary Konwinski Paul Sayther
Feb. 5 Luke Chapman Mike Laur Mark Sisk
Feb. 12 Shannon Clark Bill McNabola Polly Sierer
Feb. 19 Charlie Cox Josh Martin Kyle Sonnenberg

Sergeant at Arms Helpers (set-up at 6:40, break-down after mtg.)
Jan. 29 Steven Waidley and Steve Worden
Feb. 5 Barry Baker and Tim Boulden
Feb. 12 Robin Broomall and Charlie Brown
Feb. 19 Eric Cannon and Luke Chapman

Thought for the Week:

I want my children to have all the things I couldn’t afford. Then I want to move in with them. (Phyllis Diller!)

Can’t make our meeting?

I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back.

All Rotarians are welcomed to attend another club’s meeting. Be prepared to pay for your meal and bring the makeup slip back to our secretary for attendance and invoice credit.

Mondays, 6:15 p.m., Homewood Suites, Rt. 896
Tuesdays, 7 a.m., ChesDel Restaurant, So. St. Georges Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m., Cokesbury Village, Hockessin Tuesdays, 12:15 p.m. Harry’s Savoy Grill, Wilmington
Tuesdays, 6:00 p.m., ???, Elkton
Wednesdays, 7:30 a.m., Pier One, North East
Wednesdays, 12:15 p.m., University and Whist Club, Wilmington
Wednesdays, 12:15 p.m., Frog Hollow Golf Club, Middletown
Thursdays, 7:15 a.m., Harry’s Savoy Grill, Wilmington
Thursdays, 12:10 p.m., Hotel DuPont, Wilmington
Thursdays, 12:15 p.m., Christiana Hilton, Christiana
Fridays, 7:30 a.m., University and Whist Club, Wilmington

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